Why Your Sofa Cushions Can Finally Rest Easy – Introducing “The Snug”

As parents, we know just how destructive children can be. As lovable as they are, children can be rough on traditional furniture. In fact, we often hear the voices of our own parents coming out as we repeatedly tell our children to stop jumping on the furniture or to keep their shoes off the sofa. All children, it seems, have a strong desire to pull the sofa cushions off the furniture and create new landscapes with them. Remember doing that yourselves? So do we! Since we think play and imagination are what childhood is all about, but we want to keep children safe (and your living room tidy!) we developed the solution.

Modular Furniture From Viktor And Eugenie

Viktor And Eugenie offers a wide range of stylish, modern furniture that is built to last but their most innovative product to date is their all new Snug. The Snug is strong, soft play modular furniture that can be taken apart, built into anything, and turned back into its original shape quickly and easily. Your children can jump on The Snug, they can climb on The Snug, they can even build a fort out of The Snug and you don’t have to worry about them, or The Snug, getting hurt. The Snug cushions are strong and durable, able to take all the weight thrown at them and stand tall to be whatever the children desire them to be in that moment!

Children always seem to know exactly what The Snug is designed for. Where parents might set it up in a tidy children’s sofa, in no time the cushions will be rearranged to create a castle, a car, a digger and more! If you’re looking for some creative designs to really make the most of them, follow our Instagram!

The Snug from Viktor & Eugenie was designed with children in mind. Their active imaginations during play enable them to transform The Snug into just about anything imaginable. And it’s this kind of creative play that helps children learn and grow, giving The Snug another valuable benefit.

If you are looking for ways to protect your furniture while keeping your children safe, happy, and active, consider purchasing The Snug today and watch your children explore their imagination right from your living room.

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