Why The Snug is The Perfect Christmas Present For Your Kids

Are you planning to surprise your kids with something wonderful this Christmas? Do you want to give them a present that is memorable and one that they will truly enjoy? If so, The Snug is the perfect present to give. The Snug is a soft play sofa that looks fantastic in the playroom or bedroom, but it is designed to be taken apart and used. It’s the only Christmas gift you can give the children this Christmas that is a train, a plane, a den, a tractor, a castle, an obstacle course and more!

The Snug as a Christmas gift

The Snug play sofa for kids was built with YOU in mind – so out of 46 available colours, you’ll be sure to find the right colour sofa for your children. But it doesn’t just look great, it has multiple benefits!

1) It is a comfortable sofa and sleepover bed

The Snug is a comfortable sofa that your kids would love to spend time on relaxing or reading their favourite book. The sofa is also large enough for a child to sleep on it which makes it very convenient for sleepovers! It’s designed to be child-proof and life-proof – it comes with a cover set to protect the material from the mess that kids end up creating which is easily removable and washable!

2) It is a fantastic soft play area

The Snug sofa makes for great soft play – the foam is firm enough to be built into interesting shapes and to be climbed over! It can be folded and unfolded into fun shapes such as castles, campsites, forts, people and more – and you can find these ideas on the box! It’s also loved by active families who use the additional items such as the Snug Wedge and Snug Rounds to practice their gymnastics on or support mobility and strength.


3) Great support during physical activity

The Snug functions like a gymnastic area for kids. They can use it for exercise and get their quota of physical activity. They can jump around and have fun on the sofa. It is a safe way to be fit without worrying about falling and injuring themselves.


4) It comes with various cool accessories

The Snug collection has the play sofa as the main product. With it come many accessories that make this collection the perfect gift for your kids. The Snug Arch Roller Set is an excellent addition to the kids’ room. There are two rollers and an arch in it. This can be added as an extension to the play sofa or can be used separately for play.


5) It supports early development

The Snug, with its infinite builds and possibilities, was designed with early year development in mind. Playing with The Snug improves gross motor skills, fine motor skills, imagination, understanding of the world and social and personal skills when playing with friends!


6) Easy to maintain

While the Snug is a product that your kids will love, you will like to because it is easy to maintain. The covers can be machine washed, making them easy to clean.


The Snug play sofa was built for families who love active and messy play and if you order soon you’ll be sure to get The Snug in time for Christmas!