The Benefits Of Soft Play For Children

When it comes to children’s play, it has historically been a time of fun and exploration. Recently, however, it has been the study of early development and children’s understanding of the world. Now, there are plenty of experts actively developing play items that can support children’s balance, mental and physical development. The latest in these play items is soft play.

What is soft play? Soft play refers to activities for small children, with play equipment made from soft materials of all shapes. Children pick up, move, climb and shuffle over these soft obstacles, learning balance and spatial awareness. There are many soft play centres opening up in the UK, but many parents are eager for soft play items at home and have been disappointed in the lack of brands available in the UK. Fortunately, The Snug has arrived! Now your child can participate in soft play from the comfort of your own home and still reap the benefits soft play has to offer. What are those benefits? Let’s take a look:


The Benefits of Soft Play For Children

Improve Gross And Fine Motor Development – soft play can improve your child’s gross and fine motor development, enabling them to do things such as running, jumping, skipping, and climbing (gross motor skills), and balancing or moving small things with their hands (fine motor skills). By giving your child a soft play area with cushions and soft modular furniture, they can build and improve on their motor skills at a very young age.

Enhance Emotional Development – soft play often includes other children, either siblings or friends. By giving your children the opportunity to interact with other children in a safe and soft environment, you are enabling them to enhance their emotional development. Children will feel more independent as they learn valuable skills including how to deal with conflict and how to understand other children’s emotions.

Improved Quality Of Sleep – one of the most important benefits of soft play is that it gives children the chance to expend their energy. This, in turn, will help them sleep better at night. In fact, studies show that children who participate in soft play every day, fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This is especially important on those days where the weather prohibits outside play.  If you are interested in soft play for your children, The Snug Play Sofa from Viktor & Eugenie makes the perfect soft play environment at home.