Nurseries That Are Inspired By The Pantone Colours Of The Year

The Pantone colour of the year is out, or should we say colours? Find out how to use them in your child’s nursery for the most beautiful result.

On December the 9th, Pantone announced their new colour of the year and just as everything over the last twelve months has been unexpected so was their choice – two colours! Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow have been selected for their dependability and warmth, and we think that makes them the perfect choice for your child’s nursery.


Creating a Calming Space

When you start designing a nursery, the first thing that you are sure to want is a place that is restful and calm to help your child feel safe and sleep soundly. The great thing about the Pantone colours is that either grey or yellow will make a stunning wall colour and then you can accent it with the opposite colour through your furniture choices. From children’s wall storage and beautiful bed choices to a stylish Bloom chair for snack time and an Oxford wardrobe, there is a myriad of choices that will suit the room and create the atmosphere of calm that you have been dreaming of.


Making Memories That Will Last

All parents want to create a space that welcomes their child and makes them feel a part of the family, and this starts from when they first sleep in their luxury cot bed right up until there are walking, talking and enjoying bedtime stories with you each evening. Creating a space that is special will ensure that you create enduring memories that will remind your child how loved they are and help them grow into happy, healthy and confident individuals.


Furniture That Will Grow with Your Child

We all know that time with little ones passes by rapidly, and as they grow, their nursery needs will change. Rather than having to redecorate every few months, take the time to design a space that will grow with your child. One great way of achieving this is to invest in stylish children’s bedroom storage, such as a suitcase chest of drawers that are timeless and will suit any style of room for any age group.


Start Planning Your Nursery Now

If you are expecting a child or want to create a stunning nursery for a child that is already here then start by planning everything out and deciding how you will use each of the Pantone colours to create the space you want. Remember that a beautiful room needs a comfortable bed, accessible storage and personalised items that give your child the reminders of how loved they are so that they can grow up knowing you wanted the very best for them.