Let’s Organise Your Child’s Wardrobe

It can sometimes feel so overwhelming to organise your child’s bedroom, including their wardrobe space. There always seems to be so many items, and they always seem to end up out of place no matter how much we try to tidy up and organise. With the right storage solutions, your child’s room will stay clean, tidy and organised as well as looking sophisticated and stylish.

The first and most important item for organising your child’s bedroom storage and wardrobe is the wardrobe itself. This Sasha Rattan Wardrobe comes in a blush Coral Pink or natural Sage Green and offers double rattan doors, a single drawer and multiple shelf spaces inside the wardrobe as well as a place for you to hang your child’s clothes. The design is beautifully simplistic, sophisticated and timeless. The high-quality materials mean this wardrobe will be there for years to come, providing a space for your child’s clothes on the hanging rail and their shoes, accessories and other items in the drawer.

Once the clothes have been organised into a wardrobe, it’s time to tackle where to store everything else. These Regency Storage Cupboards not only offer huge amounts of storage space, but they also offer a luxurious seating space sat amongst the Regency-house inspired design that will capture your child’s imagination whilst keeping their room organised and tidy. With six spacious shelves on each side and a deep drawer underneath the seating area, you will be able to store so much inside this one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. From shoes to toys to clothes to bed sheets, everything can be packed away neatly, leaving the focus on this unique furniture piece.

Another piece to consider is the Oxford wardrobe. The elegant diamond lattice pattern allows you to show off display items from inside the wardrobe, whilst the two integrated drawers give you extra storage space that is perfect for accessories, blankets or bed sheets. This is a sophisticated, elegant looking piece of furniture that has a traditional feel.

One of the most impressive pieces of furniture on the market is the Belgravia Storage Cupboards. This children’s storage unit boasts impressive storage space in a blush pink townhouse design, with built-in desk space for creative space. These offer the same amount of space that you might expect from fully fitted wardrobes but are much easier to assemble and put in place, and are so unique and outstanding in design. You can organise different items into each section, such as shoes on one side and folded clothes on the other, and there is ample space for you to get creative with how you want to organise things. 

There are so many children’s bedroom storage ideas out there, but they don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be a chore. With these items you can turn any bedroom into an exciting, imaginative room for your child at the same time as keeping their clothes, toys and other items neatly packed away.