How to Give Your Kids a Plane, Train, Den, Fort, Bed, Rocket and More, This Christmas

This Christmas your kids are waiting for something special. What would you say to gifting a plane, train, den, fort, bed, and rocket? Surprised? Well, you probably would have thought it would be expensive buying so many gifts. This is not definitely not so if you know a simple magic trick! All you need to do is buy the snug. This is one product that can be put to multiple uses making for a wonderful Christmas gift for your kids. 

What is it?

The Snug Play Sofa is a unique product that not only is a sofa but can be used as a toy for kids. The Snug is a sofa made from soft but durable foam. This makes it highly comfortable for kids to rest and even sleep on. More than a sofa, it is a toy that allows your kids to have great fun.

Using the Snug

There is no limit on what you can do using the Snug. This soft play sofa comes with many pieces that can be assembled and re-assembled to create toy items. There are four cushions as the base that you can join to create a den, train, plane, or fort. This makes this the best gift for kids as they would have great fun using the snug to create play things.

Kids can climb on the sofa, jump on it, roll in it, and crash without having to worry about getting hurt. The play sofa has a fabric whose colour you can choose to make it colourful and attractive. The sofa has no sharp edges and is soft making it so convenient for kids. Generally, such play things need to be fitted using screws or frames. This play sofa has no such hard objects that can cause injuries.

You can be rest assured that your kids would be safe when playing with the Snug. Even the zips used have child-friendly features so your kids don’t hurt themselves. When kids play on this play sofa, they escape to their own play world where they have fun and enjoy themselves. Apart from having great fun, there are many other benefits for kids.

This play sofa is truly a toy that helps in confidence building. There is a sense of achievement when they create a fort or train using the sofa. Playing on this sofa helps kids in motor skill development. It also helps in cognitive stimulation. The cosy sofa is the best gift for your kids this Christmas.