How to Find The Right Bed For Your Child’s Bedroom

Children spend a lot of time in their rooms. It is very important to plan a child’s room carefully. As in any room the bed is the focal point of the child’s room. The bed must be comfortable, flexible, safe, look good and be fun to use. A wrong bed can lead to disturbed sleep and muscle pains. You must take into account the following factors before purchasing a bed for your child’s bedroom.


This is the most important and non-negotiable factor while selecting a bed for a child’s room. The bed must not have any sharp edges. Colours and paints used on the bed must be non-toxic. The bed must not be too high. For small children the bed should ideally be supported with guard rails or panels to prevent them from falling down at night.


Children tend to jump on their beds. The beds must be strong. Wood is a good material. If the bed is made of metal then it must be supported by strong screws to prevent the bed from wobbling or squeaking at night.


The bed should not be too high. The child should preferably be able to get in and out of bed without any support. The bed should not be too low either.

4.Size of the room

The bed must fit comfortably in the room and leave enough space for the child to move around.


Children grow up too soon. But beds cannot be changed regularly like clothes. It is a good idea to buy adjustable children’s beds. The beds should also have some storage space for your child’s clothes, toys etc.

6.Your child’s personality

You should take into account your child’s likes and dislikes while selecting a bed for your child. If your child is adventurous then they will like beds like wooden treehouse bed or tent bed. If they into fantasies then a cloud bed or shell bed will work for them. The bed should fit in well with the theme of your child’s room.


The mattress in the bed should neither be too firm nor too soft. It must offer the right support without causing the child to sink into the mattress.

8.Easy to clean

Children tend to drop food or liquids on their beds. The bed and mattress must be easy to clean and maintain. Wooden beds are easier to clean and maintain.