How To Encourage Your Child To Make Their Own Bed

If you are looking to start your child helping out around the home, one of the first tasks to get them started on is making their own bed. Not only does it encourage kids to keep their room tidy, but it saves you a few minutes in the day too!

Here are some of our tips to encourage your little one to make their own bed each day.

  • Lead by example by making your bed each day too
  • Take it slow at first – let your child watch you make the bed and see the steps you take to carry the task out
  • Make it like a game. Set a timer and see if they can complete the task in record time!
  • Encourage them to make their bed at the same time each day. Kids thrive on routine
  • Let your child choose pillowcases and duvet covers in colour or theme they like. This will make them more interested in carrying out the task at hand
  • Create a chore chart. Every time your child makes their bed, give them a sticker. If they make their bed every day for a month, they get a treat!
  • If your child makes their bed without you having to ask, give them praise

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