How To Create The Ultimate Study-Friendly Bedroom for Teens

The pandemic has caused the closure of many schools and it’s becoming the new normal for students to study from home. Although many schools have reopened, some students still need to continue studying from home. Physical distancing measures have reduced the number of students allowed in each class and quarantine rules are still in effect for many schools. With that in mind, the bedroom has become the most preferable place for teens to study and do their homework and there are many ways to make their bedroom study-friendly and comfortable.

Tips For Creating The Ultimate Study-Friendly Bedroom For Your Teen:

Designate A Space- for better mental health, teens try to keep a work and play balance so there must be a special, designated area where they can study and do their homework. It should have enough space for them to keep textbooks, computers, stationery, and other learning materials and be flexible enough that it can still be used when their schoolwork is done.

Remove Distractions- if there are things that can distract your teen, they should be removed from the room. TV’s and gaming consoles might need to be temporarily relocated to the living room. Parents should check the computer and make sure that it’s being used only for learning purposes. If possible, the bedroom should also be insulated from external noises which can become distracting.

Proper Lighting- natural lighting is the most recommended for the learning process because it is emotionally and physically invigorating. Artificial lighting should be chosen carefully, so your teens can remain productive at night. A combination of general, ambient, and task lighting fixtures can contribute to their learning performance.

Choose Comfortable Chair And Desk- modular furniture can help you make use of a smaller space or create a flexible learning/relaxation area. When choosing a chair and desk, focus on their functional and ergonomic values. The chair should have arm rests, a swivel mechanism, and lumbar support. The desk must be at an appropriate height and offer adequate space to accommodate essential items.

Set Up Internet Access- sometimes, your teen’s bedroom has inadequate Wi-Fi coverage that slows down transfer of data. It could be necessary to install a repeater to boost the Wi-Fi signal in your teen’s bedroom.

Set And Maintain Rules- a perfect study area won’t contribute to anything if there’s no effective rules in place. Make sure your teens follow a set of rules that are designed to keep them productive. Set sensible parameters that they can meet.