How To Create A Fun But Functional Kid’s Workstation

If homeschooling has become the new normal in your home, then maybe it’s time to create a dedicated space for your child to optimise their education.

When parents first started homeschooling, no one thought it would last as long as it has! If this rings true for you, then you are certainly not on your own! To help keep your kids organised and excited to learn why not install fun and functional workstation? We’ve shared some suggestions below so to give you the inspiration you need to get started.

Think About Location

Before you start ordering your child a computer desk with drawers or a cupboard with pull out desk, then take the time to consider where this new workstation will be located. You will need somewhere that can be accessed easily during the day and where you can monitor the work happening.

Some of the most common spaces for a new children’s table and chairs or children’s desk include conservatories, living areas or playrooms as these are all within close reach of adult support throughout the day. If your child doesn’t need constant reminders to work, then you could also choose to install it in a bedroom if there is large enough available space to be dedicated to studying.

Fun, Functional & Creative

Another vital consideration when installing a new workstation is how to inject fun and creativity without spoiling the functionality of a space. Bright colours, interesting shapes and work areas that can be used after the school day ends are all great choices.

Rather than picking out an adult-styled desk and chair with a monochrome design, look for products that are designed from a child’s perspective. For example, a craft cupboard with a desk will not only provide a workspace but also an exciting place to hide away all their treasures and crafting bits and bobs.

Involve Your Kids

The best way to decide on a specific style of workstation for your kids is to involve them in the process. They are more likely to want to follow the curriculum at home if they feel ownership over their space.

Start by talking to them about colours and location before moving on to finding the right furniture. Most children will be able to tell you whether they want a desk with drawers and cupboard or a table and chair set instead. The great thing about kids is that they are naturally creative, and so you should end up with an amazing space that they feel is their own.

Trust Your Instincts

So, if you are ready to create a fun and functional workspace and can’t decide between a cupboard with pull our desk or a desk with drawers and cupboard then trust your instincts and select something that will fit your child’s creative nature and look great in your home. There are many amazing options on the market, so you will have a new space ready to go in no time at all.