How The Snug Soft Play Sofa Helps Children With Disabilities

Parents of children with disabilities know that life is very different than that of families without disabled children. It can affect everything from mealtime to playtime and lots of time and thought goes into planning their day, working on their development and encouraging their independence and strength wherever possible.

 A lot of parents of children with disabilities find many benefits in soft play furniture. The Snug Soft Play Kids Sofa is a favourite of many parents and children, helping to provide support and aid mobility and physiotherapy! Plus it’s fun and colourful!

There are many benefits to the Snug Soft Play Kids Sofa and we are going to take a look at some of them now:

Improve Gross And Fine Motor Development- the Snug Soft Play Kids Sofa can be used in many ways – as a sofa, a den, to create specific builds such as arches and diggers and for use as an obstacle course, as often used in soft play. Moving, lifting and arranging the cushions can improve your child’s gross and fine motor skills.

Increased Mobility- soft play gives children the chance to interact with others in a safe and soft environment. This is especially important for children with disabilities who aren’t able to move about as easily as other children. The Snug Soft Play Kids Sofa will help children to feel more independent as it gives them increased mobility in a fun and safe environment.

Strong foam- one of the most important benefits of soft play is that it lets children use up their excess energy. For children with disabilities, this is easier said than done and the Snug Sofa is built to be strong and durable, while still being soft and comfortable. This makes it easier than ever for children with disabilities to use the Snug Sofa without risk of injury to themselves or damage to the sofa itself.

If you are interested in soft play for your children, the Snug Sofa from Viktor & Eugenie makes the perfect soft play environment at home.