Creating a Bedroom Your Kids Will Love – Where to Start

A child’s bedroom is a precious place! It’s their personal space. It is the space where they spend a lot of time in play and reading, imagination and homework. It is where they bring their friends, play with all their favourite toys and begin to learn about themselves and the world. It is natural that you want to create a bedroom that your kids will love for years. With so many design options and ideas, it can be confusing where to start. This guide tells you tips for creating a bedroom your kids will love.

Tips to help you get started

  1. Ask your kids

The ideas you have may not necessarily be the ones that your kids like. Seek their views before you start – it’s about asking the right questions! Talk about their interests, hobbies, favourite cartoon characters, favourite colours, and their favourite places. This information can help you plan the theme for your kid’s room. It’s about creating magic – and what each child thinks is magic is different!

  1. Plan for functionality

When creating a bedroom for your kids, it’s not just about appearance. You need to make the room functional. There are certain things that are important for a kid’s room and you need to plan for them. These include:

  • Study area: Apart from the sleeping area, there needs to be a study area with a table, chair, and space to store books, bag, etc. This is the area where you kids would sit to study. So, you need to make it comfortable and functional.
  • Play area: This area makes the bedroom attractive for kids. Try to add play items that you kid will enjoy.
  • Gymnastics area: This area is where you kids exercise and be fit. Where required, you can plan to include equipment for kids.
  • Sleep area: The sleep area should be comfortable, so your kid enjoys a good night’s sleep.
  1. Know the space available

Before planning the bedroom, understand the space availability. Measure the room completely, including height and any difficult nooks and crannies. Remember to also measure the door so you’re clear on whether solid furniture can fit. It’s helpful to prepare a sketch of the room with those measurements so you can be sure to make the most of available space. Remember that children are clumsy – keep the room free of clutter!

  1. Get inspired

This is the fun part! Research designs available online to get inspired. Look at websites such as Pinterest or content on Instagram (eg: V& E’s page) that present different ideas with pictures to get inspired!


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