A Guide To Designing Your Montessori Playroom

The concept behind Montessori education focuses on giving children the freedom to explore and seek out education, learning and development through their natural inquisitiveness and playfulness. The Montessori education theory suggests that children’s play is their work, that they learn through play. By building the perfect Montessori playroom at home, you can create an environment where your child will be able to learn, play and develop all in one space. Children learn so much through play, in particular playing with real things that produce actual, real results. You can help facilitate this by having the right items in the right space.

One of the main requirements you’ll need for your Montessori playroom is a bookshelf that can contain all of your child’s educational and recreational books. This bookshelf is a Montessori playroom essential. It offers the perfect space for all of your children’s book storage and toy storage. With eight cubby holes, six shelf spaces and a seating area, this bookshelf is as practical as it is creative. The house-shaped design adds an extra element of imagination to your child’s playtime, and the tasteful design means you won’t compromise on style. It will keep the playroom organised, tidy and fun. Children will be encouraged to use a bookshelf with such an exciting and fun design.

Whether it’s time to rest or carry on with playtime, this play sofa is an excellent addition to your Montessori playroom. The Snug play sofa is made from 8 individual pieces that can be combined in different ways thanks to the zip connector system. Imagination will decide what this sofa can be turned into, but the possibilities for a child are endless. It comes in a variety of different colours and will provide endless fun at the same time as luxurious comfort. It is also a great space saver, as it can be turned into a double bed for sleepovers and then stacked away when finished.

Another key essential for your Montessori playroom is a space for your children to get creative on paper, and this Butterfly table and chairs set is a perfect choice due to its spectacular design. The curved butterfly-shaped chairs made from beechwood, will suit children of any age and they are accompanied by a matching table that functions as a wonderful children’s desk for getting creative. This is the perfect space for your child to make some arts and crafts and let their imagination run wild whilst also learning as they go.

To add a real touch of magic and nature into your playroom, this Woodland Wonder tree swing turns a simple playroom into an inspired space for adventure, education and play. This stunning and unique piece of furniture will turn a playroom into a magical forest for adventure and will allow your child to escape into a world of endless possibilities with their imagination. Made from the highest quality materials and boasting a natural design, this is an outstanding piece of furniture for your Montessori playroom.